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Super slow take off

Lately my car has a super slow take off in the morning. Granted I let it marginally warm up. But it takes such a long time as I am trying to merge into highway traffic. The RPM thingee slowly climbs up to 4 before it shifts. The gas pedal is to the floor. Please tell me this isn’t a pricey transmission issue.

It might help if you could tell us what make and model car you are using. Have you had a mechanic check it out? Have you keep the car’s maintenance up to date? When was the last time you changed the oil, How many miles on your car? Does it have a CEL (Check Engine Light) on, if so have you checked to see what the error code is? (The error code if any should be in the format - P0123-

Toyota Rav4
Model-Year ?

" Please tell me this isn’t a pricey transmission issue. "
This isn’t a pricey issue.
However, I could change my mind after I get the model year and do some research.

Have you checked fluid according to the Owner’s Manual procedures ?
Any “Check Engine” or other warning lights ?


When You Check The Transmission Fluid, In Addition To Level, Note The Color And Odor, Too. Describe It.

The fluid shouldn’t be brown/dirty or smell burned.


@DLink, it may be time for a transmission service.

How many miles?

It’s hard to tell from your description whether this is a xmission problem or an engine problem. Maybe give a few more details, including the make/model/year, and whether the check engine light is on, and if so, what the codes are.

It may be you just need a tune up. New plugs/new air filter/ and timing adjustment. Not overly expensive.

Or, on the other side of things, you may need a new cat converter. Quite expensive.

This sounds more like an exhaust restriction (usually plugged catalytic converter) than a transmission problem to me. You may need to have a back pressure or vacuum test done.

The trans should shift a lot sooner than 4000 rpm. Lite acceleration usually shifts at 2500 on most cars. I think your comments about not reaching higher speed and high engine rpm sounds like delayed shifting.

It could be as simple as worn spark plugs. Anything that cuts down on your power make you open the throttle wider and that raises your shift points. You should always supply year and engine and miles when you post, you will get better answers.