2002 VW jetta VR6 Transmission

My 2002 jetta will not shift into reverse in the morning or after the car has cool down. It has 92k miles. once the car is warmed up, it shift into reverse without problem. The dealer topped up the fluid thinking that maybe the fluid is low. There is no sign of leak. Topping the fluid did not resolve the problem. They said that the electronic hook up to the computer did not indicate transmission problem. They suggest a new transmission. Anyone thinks differently?? Thanks

Take it to a real transmission shop (not a chain) have them take a look at it. If that fluid was low for a while it may have damaged the transmission. As I recall there is no standard interval for changing fluid. IMO there should be, like 60K.

If transman shows up and offers any advice, hopefully he will, you can bee 100% sure it will be right.