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Shifting gears

I have a 2000 Toyota 4Runner/w auto transmission and just recently, on two different occasions, I have started the car and it was not able to shift gears immediately after take off. The RPM gauge has gotten as high as 3. On both occasions, i put the transmission back in park after I come to a complete stop and I start again and everything is fine. Keep in mind, this doesn’t happen everytime, has only happened twice in last few weeks and has only happened after I just start the car and initial takeoff, never during a long drive. Does this sound like a tranmission fluid issue or a possibly bigger problem?

Have your transmission fluid and filter changed. Make sure they DRAIN the fluid and not pump it out. Pumping transmission fluid will DAMAGE your transmission. The pan must be removed to replace the filter so make sure the fluid is drained.

OK thanks, I will try that and post back as to whether that resolved it.