Toyoita Solara Owner's manuals

Where online can a friend of mine obtain these manuals or info for a 2011 SolaraV6? will let you download owners manuals if you register your car. I got my 2008 Matrix so I know they go back several years.

The owner’s manual can be found here.

But if you’re looking for a service manual that’s going to cost money.


For some reason the manuals there on the Toyota site above only go to 2008. 2009 & up are missing. Maybe you have to register first to get the more recent ones. I think Toyota would serve itself and its customers better by making lost owner’s manuals easy as pie to retreive on-line. Why make the process so frustrating? Plus new car buyers might like to look at the owner’s manuals prior to making a decision on what car they want to buy, so the owner’s manual could be a selling point.

@Mayday & @Tester Thanks for the info; I got the needed info. He did not know that Toyotas require timing belt changes for V6 models.

@GeorgeSanJose Thanks; yes they went only up to 2008. Good info nevertheless.

@Docknick I don’t believe the 2011 Solara V6 uses a timing belt. I believe that particular V6 uses a chain. In fact, I believe Toyota went back to chains for all engines a few years ago.

Somebody correct me if I’m wrong, please.

@db4690 Thanks. I Googled the Toyota 2008 maintenance log and the timing belt came up for the model 3MZ-FE engine only. It called for replacing every 90,000 miles or 108 months.

Gates has a belt for the 2008 Solara V6 with the 3.3 liter engine and a replacement cycle of 100,000 miles. My 2007 Corolla guide has maintenance for all Toyota models and the V6s still have belts for that year, as do all V6 Lexus models. I will verify what the 3MZ-FE engine is.

The 4 cylinder models did away with belts long ago.

The original post shows " 2011 SolaraV6".
2008 was the last year for the Solara, the V6 was a 3.3L with a timing belt.

@Nevada Sorry, my friend’s car is a 2001, not 2011. Gates shows a non-interference engine and a belt, as well a a 100,000 mile replacement interval.