Timing Belt/chain?


I have a 1999 Lexus RX300. My mechanic could not tell me if I need to change the timing belt. Can anyone help me? It’s a V6 3000 4 Cam 2400 engine.


The Gates website lists a timing belt for this engine. Your owner’s manual should tell you the proper interval for replacement. I’d say it’s time for a belt, just based on the age of the vehicle.

How come your mechanic can’t look it up in his database?


Thanks for the reply. My mechanic only had books to look in and he couldn’t find an answer. I will get the belt replaced.


I hope he uses a MODEL specific repair manual to change the timing belt, such as Haynes or Chilton’s. And the maintenance scheduled listing the timing belt should be there, also.


When my son was stranded by a broken timing belt, I adopted the practice of always changing it at the recommended interval (or somewhat before!). Good thing you are going to have it done!


If your going to a toyota mechanic and he doesn’t know which engines have a chain or belt and the replacement interval, you need a new mechanic.