Changing out the timing belt

I have a 2005 Toyota camry solara with 66,000. Does the timing belt need to be done now due to age of the car?? Or wait alittle longer??? Help…

If its 4cylinder drive on as it has a timing chain.

If it’s the 3.3 liter V6, it is 3 years past due to change the belt. The interval is 7yr/90k miles whichever comes first. I believe it is an interference engine. I spent 1k last July to replace the timing belt, water pump, tensioner, idler pulley, two accessory belts, and replacement coolant. It would have been ~1.2k if the cam seals were replaced.

Ed B.

I am glad that you are asking this question, but this leads me to a question of my own:

If your Solara has the V-6 engine and you have ignored the information about the timing belt change interval in the Toyota Maintenance Schedule for the past 3 years…
How many other types of maintenance have you also skipped?

I would suggest that you take the maintenance schedule out of the glove compartment (it may be contained inside the Owner’s Manual, or it might be a separate booklet bearing an appropriate title), and compare your maintenance invoices with the procedures listed in the maintenance schedule.

Among the very important maintenance procedures that you may have skipped are…
Changing the brake fluid
Replacing the spark plugs
Replacing the cabin air filter
Changing the engine coolant
Replacing the engine air filter
Changing the transmission fluid

The cost of the repairs that will result from lax maintenance are invariably more expensive than the costs involved in preventive maintenance.

As mentioned by the others, the 4-cyl has a timing chain and the 6-cyl has a timing belt. It is not an interference engine, so if the belt breaks, engine damage is unlikely. But it could break on the highway and a nasty accident could ensue, or you just need a tow to wherever is close. You could be at the mercy of whatever shop you are towed to. Gates shows the replacement interval at 100,000 miles, and that typically means about 7 years. You are 3 years overdue and right on the mileage. The water pump is driven by the timing belt, and while the belt is changed, the water pump should be changed too. Change the coolant at the same time. They have to drain it anyway. I had this service on my 2005 Accord in 2012 and the cost was $700 at the dealer. Get at least 3 quotes and include a dealer. They do this so often that they just might be the lowest price in town.