Toy cars from Disney Cars

I was recently watching the movie Cars (the first one) with my 3 year old boy. Well I wasn’t ‘really’ watching it but noticed Tom and Ray’s voice come up. I turned around and saw your brief cameo on this movie!

Two questions:

  1. What type of cars were they?
  2. Does Disney sell these toy cars? I would love to buy them to keep in my office.


Tom played “Rusty Rust-eze” and Ray played “Dusty Rust-eze.” I’m sure someone makes these toys. I’ve added their pictures to make the search easier.

the one looks like a gmc safari van

I was thinking more in terms of an old Dodge Tradesman van, circa 1960’s.

I think you’re right @jayhawkroy. The giveaway was the bold letters on the front grille…DODGE. The car is a Plymouth Valiant or Dodge Dart from the 60’s.

We have most of the original cars and some of the cars 2 cars. Good luck on those. Some of the rarer ones are well over $100. EBay, amazon, Disney store… I just spent $40 on a doc Hudson 1:24 scale because my 2 yr old really likes that one. He sleeps with lightning… :wink:

Thank you everyone! I finally was able to get the two cars!

I found Rusty (aka Tom) at Fry’s Electronics but Dusty (aka Ray) was a lot harder to find and eventually had to purchase on eBay.

Both are happily sitting on the whiteboard in my office!

@missileman Definitely a Dodge Dart, likely 1965 or so.