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Name Tommy's 1963 Dodge Dart

What’s your suggestion?

How about something with a French flair… like, “Chez Les Racoons?”

“Boom-Boom”… Cause he is a parade car. He would be equally at home rolling down Broadway in a ticler-tape parade or or parading around behind a tow truck on his way to the garage (again).

The Dread Sled.

Isn’t it obvious? “Poison!”

How about D’Artagnan?

call it RUFUS - a combo of “roof less”

I like Sparky. I don’t know. It’s just a great little car, sporty, cute, no muscle but plenty of personality.

Bullseye (cause its a dart)


“Darty Rotten Shame”

Have to go with initials… he looks like a TJ.

He should be Bruce. Yes, I think it’s male, not female.

Does “Bruce” look like an Aussie to you?

i think it kinda looks like a Kent maybe maybe not i will let u guys decide

Sleek Black Beauty II

How about Night Shade

I’ll throw in 0.02 for ‘Nightmare’.

Wasnt that the Green Hornet’s car? Cant be that one then since the 2 cars are not the same!!!

Black Magic.