Regarding Toyota's 07+ Tundra: "We'll See" you said

Shortly after I purchased a 07 Tundra I hear a show where you were discussing the Tundra’s removal from Consumer’s Report list of recommended vehicles. One of you said Toyota will take care of their customers, one said “We’ll see”. We’ll I have seen, and it ain’t pretty. I have also learned how hard Toyota will fight, and why I can’t understand. Oy! Anyone sharing my pain?

And by the way, who’s Rusty and who’s Dusty?


If there’s a story behind this I’m sure we’d all love to hear it.

And, apparently the OP thinks that his post is being read by Tom and Ray personally. I’m not sure of who Rusty and Dusty are, but then again, the entire post is…unusual.

The movie “Cars” featured the voices of Tom and Ray as Dusty and Rusty Rusteeze, a Dart and a Van, both by Dodge I believe. Rusteeze is the racing sponsor of the main character Lighting McQueen.

I’d love to tell my Tundra Tale of Woe and I will - - especially if anybody wants to hear it or thinks it would be helpful; Shock and Awe, for sure.

Last, I’ll be the first to admit that I’m a blog idiot, but are Tom and Ray completely removed here? Please educate me. What I’m trying to say is that Toyota has not “taken care of the problems”, a topic raised on the show regarding the new Tundra. Please advise if I’m in the wrong place as this is what I’d like to discuss.



Thank you for educating me about Rusty & Dusty, and other issues connected with Cars. Despite my interest in things automotive, I don’t watch cartoons, so I was not really familiar with anything connected with that production.

Tom & Ray do not get involved with this forum except for the occasional posting of a question by them in order to augment the content of their program. For instance, they recently asked for stories of “Road Trips From Hell”, and they read one of those posts on a recent show. In reality, the questions from Tom & Ray might actually be posted by an assistant of theirs, so to assume that they have anything to do with this forum is questionable.

Anyway, as to your experiences with Toyota, I say, “Fire when ready Gridley”.
Just be aware that some forum members will cast a jaundiced eye on your version of events. For instance, we recently had one highly agitated person posting his tales of woe about undisclosed, bady-repaired body damage that his Toyota had supposedly received prior to his purchase of the vehicle 5 years ago. Many of us took issue with his version of events. He later returned to the forum to admit that he was wrong about the vehicle having sustained body damage prior to purchase 5 years ago, but he failed to apologize to all of the people whom he insulted along the way when they questioned him about details.

As long as you can take a possible bit of heat from some skeptics, I personally would love to hear the details about your Tundra.

Me too.

Buddy of mine at work likened “Cars” to “Doc Hollywood”

To specifically answer your question, you’re in the right place to discuss this.

As VDC pointed out, we can be pretty direct here. If when all the facts are posted we feel the dealer is not holding up to his obligation, we’ll try to suggest avenues for you to try that might help. But if we feel your expectations are unrealistic, we’ll let you know that also. It’s an open conversation in all directions as long as everyone remains respectful and stays “on subject”.

And now, if you would, the gory details…

Hmmmm…Has Franktheharvester disappeared?

Are we going to hear the details about his Tundra and his problems with Toyota Customer Service?

Frank The Harvester probably had to take a break to cut corn for ethanol. The farmers are busy people.

I hope he comes back.

Hmmm…Maybe he is actually Frank the International Harvester, and he has left for another continent. I just hope that he has an International Harvester Scout to guide him.