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Fall of the Dart

I think the Dart needs to be Bronzed. It can make a terrific lawn sculpture.

My first car was a 62 Dart with the push button auto tranny. Man, doing a quarter mile drag with that transmission was a hoot!

A “lawn Dart,” huh? Or a “lawn d’Art?”

I wonder when we Tom’s(?) Dart. I seem to recall that happening about 7-8 years ago…

Here’s more of the story:

Mine went for $30.00 that’s 1.25 cents a pound. It went through the shredder that same day. Probably got reincarnated as a washer & dryer.

As an apartment dweller, I memorialized my '69 Dart Swinger with a photo shrine when it was donated in 1994.

If anyone asks @RLNY, tell them those smudges in the paint are not defects, they are hard-won and highly-valued patina!

I had a 68 Dart GT with the 318. Standard steering and brakes. Can’t say it was really a bad car, but certainly not trouble free. Had 108K on it when I sold it for a Cutlass.

I had a 75 Dart with the 225 slant six. That was a great car and getting it wound up to jump on the highway sounded like a fleet of combines working.

Dead chuffed to hear some of the Dart could become Hyundai or Kia. I hope the new Kia I have on order is Dart reincarnation! I am going to call the car Dart anyway (I always name my motor cars)