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Towne Car AC/ heater blower

While driving to work one day probably in February, I had the heater on automatic and the blower quit blowiong warm air. It still worked when the control dial is turned all the way up, to full fan motor speed. Until this past Saturday. We went up to the Bluegrass Stakes in Lexington KY and after the race, turned on the AC. Gray smoke filled the interior. We pulled into the closest parking lot, opened the hood and we weren’t on fire. So we drove home the 180 miles w/o AC. My husband spoke with a couple local mechanics and several options were possibilities. A replacement resistor for the heater for the heater motor. We can’t find where this goes…please suggest where to find the proper location–under the hood or behind the firewall?

The resistor is usually located under the dashboard, in the HVAC ductwork, near the blower motor.

Thank you very much!!! A place to start looking.

There’s no blower resistor. There’s an electronic blower speed control module. You don’t give the year of your towncar, so it’s hard to be precise about where it is located, however it is usually in the ductwork near the blower motor as mcparadise said. If it’s older, then it is easy to access from under the hood.