Location of blower motor resistor on Chevy Traverse

2016 Chevy Traverse, 145k.
The fan is barely blowing. I’m planning on replacing the blower motor and the blower motor resistor both, but where is the resistor located? I’ve done this in several other cars and the resistor was always right behind the blower, but some posting boards are saying it’s under the hood but no details past that. Can anyone narrow it down for me?

The resistor is usually mounted in the blower housing because the moving air of the blower fan cools the resistor,

You may need to remove the glove box to access it.


The blower motor is probably controlled by an electronics control module, and the resistor (if there is one) is probably inside that module; i.e. have to replace the entire module to replace the resistor.

From what I see the blower motor is pretty easy to access. You already know where it is by the sound it makes, right side of dash. Just remove the panel covering that area, and you should see it. (May have to disconnect some electrical connectors.) The control module is probably in the same area. If you don’t find it as part of the task of replacing the blower motor, post back.

Note: The entire problem could be the blower motor itself, have nothing to do with the resistor or the controller. So test that theory before replacing anything else.

Here;s the resister.

Here’s where it may be located.


This is the cabin filter from a Chevrolet I worked on a few months ago, air flow was much better with the new filter:


As stated above, check the cabin air filter before you do anything else.