Blower Resistor

After listening to the show I believe I have a bad resistor on the heater blower. The blower only runs on high (#4), although if I go over a bump it will also run on other settings, for a while, then back to only #4. If I replace the resistor where would it be located on my vehicle? (Jeep, Grand Cherokee, 2005)

do you have the dual zone climate control? had a similar issue with my 2000 grand cherokee. i could tap the resistor pack under the passenger side dash and it would blow at all speeds again. ended up being a bad connection to the resistor pack, which caused the pack itself to short out.

the dealership is the best place to get a new one. usually comes with the offending harness running to the resistor pack as well. costs about 150 bucks though.

Usually, but not always, inside the heater air-box behind the glove box…Remove the glove box and take a look…Two heavy wires on a removable panel.