1998 Crown Victoria Blower Motor Resistor

Hi Guys,

I need some assistance, I believe my heater blower motor resistor has gone bad, and need to change. I picked up the part from NAPA, but now I’m not exactly sure how I need to change it. Does anyone have a step by step pn this? Thanks!!!

It’s pretty easy. The speed control module (or resistor if they used those that year) is accessed from under the hood, to the right of the blower motor. Just follow the wiring from the blower to it. If I remember correctly, it’s just two small bolts holding it in.

With the hood open, look at the passenger side firewall area.
In a housing you’ll see, from your left ( car’s right ) the blower motor, the A/C accumulator, then the housing gets skinny and angles toward the firewall where you’ll find the resistor.
1 electrical plug
2 little screws

Thanks so much!

You also really need to consider the possibility that the blower motor is failing. A dragging blower will draw more amperage than a normal blower and this can cause a resistor to fail.

Thanks guys, I was able to change the resistor and connector with your assistance, I now need to change the blower motor becasue I believe it’s failing as ok4450 suggested below. Anyone know how to do this?

Any idea how to change the Blower Motor?