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Town & Country NOISE

Help, am hearing a high pitched whiring/buzzing noise while engine is running. Just had PS pump replaced and the computer says not engine or trans issues. Noise gets higher pitched with higher rpm’s and is still there even if not in gear. Does not seem to vary if turning. Alternater and WP are new too.

It is most likely an accessory like your PS pump, alternator, AC compressor or water pump. It could also just be one of the idler pulleys. Just because one of these is “new”, actually re-manufactured, they can still be bad. Also keep in mind that OBD scanners will practically never diagnose a noise coming from under the hood, it takes a set of ears and possibly a stethoscope or long piece of metal.

Many thanks, very frustrating to spend $500 plus and not fix. Several trained ears have said PS pump. I will ask my mechanic to check the idler pulleys. Also, noticed that the noise does increase when turning the wheel when not moving and you can feel the noise/vib through the steering wheel, which would make me think its steering related too. Mechanic said he thought it could be a restrictor valve or clogged filter that makes the PS pump work too hard. Hope your ride is smooth.