Honda Odyssey "Whirring" Sound when I press throttle

My dealer claims they “can’t reproduce” an annoying “whirring” sound my 2005 Honda Odyssey EX makes, only when I push the throttle. It is not the engine noise, but at a higher pitch than the engine sound, and stops as soon as I remove my foot from the pedal. It doesn’t make the noise when I start from a stopped position. Even my kids can hear it, but apparently the mechanics cannot. They replaced the power steering pump (at their cost–this is still under warranty as a certified used car with 33K miles). Am I just going nutty? Anyone else experienced this?

Not to belittle you, but how do you know for certain the noise does NOT come from the engine?

Seeing as how the noise stops as soon as you remove your foot from the gas pedal, that alone tells me the noise IS coming from the engine OR an associated component.

Perhaps even from a vacuum leak. Don’t laugh, it’s happened before. Noises can originate from some of the most UNlikely places.

What do your children think the noise is or where the noise is coming from?

Have you done or added anything to enhance engine performance?

Note to dealer: Bad idea to replace a part that you cannot identify as the source of your customers concern. How did they get warranty to pay for it. An audit (Ihave been through them even as a tech) will show car is returning for same problem and you are throwing parts at it.