My car should be in a movie with the noise it is making

Please help. My car is making a strange whine noise. It sometimes gets so loud and sounds like sort of the generic sounds for bad cars in movies where it is a high-pitched whine sort of scrape. It has been hot and dry here. I took it to the shop one day when it was rainy and cold. When I got to the shop it was not making the noise. We could not recreate it. They took a look and said I could swap my belts, spark plugs and top off fluids. I figured it might be my belts making the noise, so I got it fixed. Imagine my frustration when I picked up my car and the noise was back. I had the mechanic come listen and he said he could hear it but it wasn’t very loud so he wasn’t sure. He said it could be the steering pump or something of that nature. The noise has gotten louder and I do not know what to do. It sounds like a high-pitch eeeee whine and simultaneous scraping. It happens more when I press on the gas, and not when the car is stopped. I can’t tell if it is coming from the engine or the tire or the axel. It is toward the front of the car. Anybody have any ideas? I just dropped a ton of money but my problem is NOT fixed. Thanks for any ideas.

Idea 1: find another mechanic. “but it wasn’t very loud so he wasn’t sure. He said it could be the steering pump or something of that nature”

Eliminating the external engine components (one of which it most likely is) should be a relatively easy task, if you can hear the noise.

Guessing which is making your noise with the description so far might be really tough from my keyboard. Moving, not when stopped could be wheel bearing(s), transmission, brakes (also a good option), brake shield, any number of other things that move when you’re driving. You’ll have to get a lot more specific as to when this happens, what happens over bumps, when you turn, which way you turn, etc.

Molotav: Please let me know if your problem is solved. My 2004 Accord moans and moans at start up but the noise would be gone by the time I got to a shop. This happens when the weather cools off. Here in Texas I mean when it goes below about 90. I think it may be my steering. This moaning is so loud that heads turn when I drive down the street. Chaissos et al: what do you think?

I must agree with chaissos that it is nearly impossible to diagnose a car noise from the minimal information that you guys provide. In fact, cancel that “nearly.”

What you guys must do is turn your car over to a trustworthy mechanic. If the noise is worst when the car or weather is cold, then you must leave the car at the shop overnight. Let the mechanic start and drive the car himself. You need not be present, although you would want to be there for his report.

Yes, it will cost money to repair, but then you can be assured your car won’t suddenly come to a screeching halt some day and be fit only for the scrapyard. Get it done ASAP.

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