Do I need a new mechanic or an exorcist?


This winter I have a whining noise in the engine compartment area that increases in volume as speed increases…up to about 50 mph, then is gone. It does not happen all the time. When it occurs, it does it speeding up, slowing down and turning. Because of the harmonics and because I can feel it at higher speeds, I think it is bearing going out…somewhere. Mechanic can’t find the problem and the warranty goes out soon. Any suggestions?

You say it’s coming from the engine compartment and that you can “feel” it. How? Through the steering wheel? Could it be a bad power steering pump bearing? You say it happens while turning, which is when the power steering pump is under load. Can you reproduce the sound by revving the engine with the car at rest? Try revving the engine and turning the steering wheel to put load on the power steering pump. If you can reproduce the sound while the car is parked, a mechanic should be able to locate the source.

If it only happens when the car is moving, that suggests something like a wheel bearing.

For all our readers posting and asking quetions,We are seeing a total omission in about every thread of the vehicles year model,I can’t help as much as I would like if I do not know the year of your car. This issues was going in the postive direction but now it appears that nobody cares to post the year of their car. You are asking complex questions,give us this basic dats.

Good point, thinks for the tip. Audi A4 Cabriolet 3.0, 2005.

How old is the serpentine drive belt on the motor? If it’s older than 3 or 4 years it wouldn’t hurt to replace it. Use a high quality belt like a Goodyear Poly-V. An old belt can make all sorts of noise.

To check for a bad wheel bearing, turn the wheel off center (i.e. change lane) while driving. The pitch/volume of the sound should change.

Since it’s a convertible, open a window or two to see if the sound changes.

Ed B.