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Towing nissan sentra behind RV wheels down

We have an automatic 2006 Nissan Sentra. Is there any way we can tow our car behind our RV with all wheels on the ground without damaging it? Some one told me something can be installed on the car to keep oil flowing through transmission. Thanks for your help.

Just buy or rent a dolly to place the car’s front wheels on as it is being towed.
This is ultimately much simpler than modifying the vehicle or damaging it from misuse.

For some RWD (right wheel drive) vehicles there used to be kits you could install top pump fluid to bearings that otherwise require the transmission operating normally to get oil pressure. I don’t know enough about FWD (feeble wheel drive) transaxles to say if it is true for those. There has to be a number of reasons that just about everyone just buys a dolly and is done with it. I would check an RV forum for your question.

Yes. See your local RV dealer or RV specialist. They can modify your car so it can be towed on all four wheels. They will not only modify your drivetrain to prevent damage to your transmission, they will need to add a brake system to the car so the car brakes will be applied when the RV brakes are applied.

If your RV has any spare towing capacity, a tow dolly can be purchased and is a much better option.

Thank you all very much for your help. Sounds like the dolly is the way to go. I thought maybe I could avoid it as it is one more piece of equipment. Thanks again for the advice.

The reason the dolly is better is that one type of system will simply circulate the transmission fluid, and the transmission will still be subjected to wear. Another type of system disconnects the wheel hubs from the transmission so the wheels can spin freely, but if it fails, it will destroy your transmission. This makes the dolly the best option, but only if the added weight doesn’t lead to you exceeding your RV’s towing capacity.