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Towable vehicle

I am contemplating buying a 1997 automatic 2 wheel drive Geo Tracker for the sole purpose of towing behind an RV. Can this vehicle be towed as is and if not then is there something that I can do to make it towable

If it is FWD you should tow it with the front wheels off the ground. Ask your Geo dealer if there are any other issues.


Being RWD, the car can be towed with the rear wheels of the ground. I would instead recommend a a fwd compact on a dolly if you make no disconnect provisions in either case. The good side is, if you shorten the life of a 97 Geo Tacker, what have you lost ?

If you are young, agile and mechanically inclined it isn’t very difficult to disconnect the drive shaft from the differential, tape the U-joint cups to the cross and support the drive shaft. And the Trackers/Samurais seem to be relatively reliable and trouble free. They have quite a following in the Caribbean I believe.

the exact vehicle but 4wd would give you a true transfer case with a lever to put it into neutral,essentially disengaging the drivetrain from the wheels…IIRC

there would be no work under the car at all, and no need for a dolly

also an original saturn (the s-series with manual trans) were designed to be towed “four down” as well, leaving the car on acc so the wheels track correctly and things get lubed properly, i think

generally speaking…i think a stick is better for a "toad"
i had a friend with an isuzu amigo she towed for miles, just put transfer case into neutral, left the stick in neutral and could drive it the second she was parked, no “quick-disconnect axles” needed

also, try RV forums, like RV-net or the Good Sam Club websites, to ask RVers about their “toads” or just to find more info from people that do it all the time…i know somewhere on an RV-related forum you will find a list of vehicles that make good “toads” w/o modification or a dolly