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1998 Toyota 4Runner - Can I flat tow this thing?

can I flat tow My 1998 Toyota forerunner five speed manual transmission four-wheel-drive V6 behind my motorhome

According to your owners manual, only in emergency situations and for short distances and at low speeds.

You need all 4 wheels off the ground to tow it.

No mention of what Toyota considers short distance.

Really, with a 5 speed manual? That is odd. Do you know why just putting the transfer case in neutral wouldn’t work.

Edit: did a google search, answered my question and the OP’s… apparently the front a rear driveshafts are locked together when the t-case is in neutral. That means flat towing will tear up the t-case and diff gears if you flat tow it.

Make sure the transmission/transfer case are in neutral and you can flat tow it.


Not according to the above.
An no Toyotas are listed in the Dinghy Towing Guide for '98 (or '99 or '00):

Makes you wonder why they would even have neutral being a possibility in the first place.