GEO Tracker Problem

Help ! I recently purchased a 1990 GEO Tracker to putt around town in. It was used on a farm area, not as a highway vehicle. With the recent snow in my area, I slipped it into 4 wheel drive and after a short distance, one or more of the wheels locked and I struggled to get it back in the parking spot. I have tried to get it moving again, but it appears to me that the parking brake is engaged or something as tires will spin but I go nowhere. Has anyone encountered a problem such as this ? Or, any other ideas on what may have happened ? It will go nowhere in either 2 or 4 wheel drive. Thanks for any help.

More info is needed, such as which wheel is locked, but it sounds like the transfer case has failed or there is a problem with a front axle.

sound like an axle broke or cv joint. your transfer case is another item ?