Question on "do-it-yourself" minor chipped paint repair


I have a 2001 Audi A6, silver. Recently I’ve noticed that there are few minor scratches and chipped paint area here and there, especially on the rear bumper. I am by no means a car guru, but I like working on my car, IF I can. The damage doesn’t look serious, so I was thinking about fixing it myself. So, could I please get some advice on both how to do it and which product works well?


Any regular touch up paint will do fine. It’s extremely hard to get a good overspray without the proper equipment and preparation, do get the paint tubes. Don’t mess with the touch up spray cans. That stuff’s for improving old beaters only.

If all the damage is on the rear bumper, then it’ll be good to know that it’s a plastic skin, so you don’t need to worry about rust. If any of the chips are on and down to the metal, that’ll need to be cleaned abrasively and primed to do the job in a lasting way.

You can get a paint touch up at the dealers and very carefully ,using a tooothpick,apply the paint.
I read that there is a liquid called something like “nufinish” thats readly available at auto stores,Wal-mart,Even Walgreen’s. If the scratches aren’t too deep it may hide them.
Other than that,a body shop.