Torsion bar on 1994 s10 4X4

how do u change the torsion bar help me if you can

Best to get the Chilton manual for the this truck. It has photos/diagrams/instructions in more detail than can be provided here.

Stop by your local library and check if they have an online auto database for car repair. Then you can search by model/repair and print the documents you’l need.

First you’ll need a torsion bar unloading tool such as this, or a C-clamp with the swivel pad removed from the screw sometimes works.

Install the tool or C-clamp on the torsion bar bracket and the crossmember and tighten to remove the tension from the torsion bar bolt. Remove the torsion bar bolt counting the number of turns to remove and the nut. Loosen the tool or C-clamp to remove the torque off the torsion bar. Remove the torsion bar bracket. Slide the torsion bar back to remove it from the lower control arm. Depending on which side of the vehicle the torsion bar is being removed, the exhaust system may have to taken apart at the catalytic converter flange so the exhaust system can hang to remove the torsion bar. Installation is the reverse of removal.