Sway Bar Link Removal

How are the sway bar links removed from a 1995 Chevy Tahoe when the link/bolt does align itself with the hole in the bottom of the torsion bar so that one can get a deep socket on it?

We don’t know what you mean.

With a cutting tool. I like an angle grinder with a cutting wheel on it…and a full face shield…stuff goes everywhere fast.

Sway bar links are what, $5 apiece?

Does anyone know how to express himself/herself properly anymore when asking a question? The OP’s question makes no sense.

He left out the word “not” after the word “does”.

the hole in which you speak is located in the bottom of the lower control arm not the torsion bar and i know exactly what you are talking about. get ahold of the upper portion of the link with something like oh say a pair of vice grips or channel locks anything you can get on it with and pry it which ever way you need to to get your socket on the nut. it takes a 13 mm socket by the way or you can do as moutainbike said and just cut them off if you are replacing them anyway