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Tool to remove rivet for the plastic engine cover

Dear folks

Which tool can be used To remove those rivet or snap-in retainers for the plastic cover for Toyota Corolla 2011 ?

This was not helpful

I just use a small screwdriver. Pry up un the center pin until you can get under it and pull up until it “clicks” at full extension. Then pry below bigger outer ring to remove the pin. Tool shown should work reasonably well. What trouble did you have?


It looks like the gray circular part on the embossed plastic label came off with the pry bar. Is the push rivet in an oval recess? I think you need to get under the dome and pry it up enough to get the pry bar with the orange handle under it. A small flat blade screwdriver like @TwinTurbo suggested is a good start.

Push the center pin in then remove the river with your fingers. To install first push the center pin up 1/8" above the base of the rivet, install on the cover then push the center pin flush with the rivet.

I would listen to @Nevada_545 before thinking about using any fancy tools to pop that out.

Some of those “rivets” are the barbed type…which you simply pry out… Others have a center that you push in and thus uncouple the bottom…and then you pry it out

Others that center section needs a pick to pull it up…so that it unflares the bottom fingers…and then you pry it out.

My go to tool? A pick…and a pair of wire dikes… Never seen a fastener I couldn’t remove with these two items.

It may help you to look at what type of fastener have center push…or center pull pins…to understand the way they operate…BEFORE you attempt to remove them. It should be obvious in person, but… I cannot gauge another’s perceptions from my desk.

Here is a video showing how to unlock the fastener;


Ah yes… @Nevada_545 nailed that one. I do like me those push centers. They are kind of the “Lexus” of plastic rivets.

The Yugo would be the barbed style…push in, pry out
The Caddilac would be where the center pin pulls up and out instead of inward…

Or something like that.

I dont spend an iota of time trying to remember plastic rivets or fasteners but over the years I suppose that learnin just sort of creeped in… Only takes a few moments to figure out…and I guess it helps to have seen them before as they are designed NOT to be intuitive.

Sorry for the late reply the car was away to check it
Nice video
Unfortunately the procedure in this video in not applicable to this car

Yes I did like that as well