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Inner tie rod end

hi guys, 90 corolla…someone mentioned on youtube to beware of a very small locking screw/pin on the rack shaft (which the inner tierod end screws into); if left in it can damage the interior threads of the rack shaft. I see a very small hole there but no pan head or anything. I put a mini flathead screwdriver into it and it’s very shallow.1/8 “+ it doesnt feel like a screw or allen head.Bending the bendover/lock washer out of the way wasn’t too bad but what’s the best way to bend it back.Pounding from outside in is easy but from inside- it’s tight in there. At least I don’t have a 6 cylinder.Checkers has the tool and fitting to remove the old T.R. end(1 3/16”…smaller than 32mm but my mail order new one is 32mm so I must buy a 32 crowsfoot (saw it used on youtube)…Mike

Just turn the inner tie rod off.

Ford did the same thing on their inner tie rods. They even made a special tool to remove the aluminum pin. That was a joke!

That aluminum pin will strip out way before those hardened steel threads do.


Thanks Tester, I should have ordered that tool you showed last week; it had 5 sizes to choose. this checkers loaner only has 3, and the smallest is a bit too small so I’m grinding 2mm off the flats with a bosch hand grinder. I don’t understand how the fold over washer keeps it from unscrewing because the “tongues” which bend out into the threads allow for the entire washer to be unscrewed.Do you think zip ties are tight enough for the boots ? I have a clamp crimping tool for the CV boots but the inner rack boot on the drivers side is in a crowd. I don’t like the “newer” wider and flatter control arms they don’t leave any room for my arms ! Mike

There is a claw on the inside of that washer that folds over to keep it from turning. Unfold the wings and unscrew it.