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Citroen tailgate cover

Really hoping someone can help I need to take the plastic cover off a Citroen Picasso c4 tailgate and just cannot get the clips off where it fastens against the bottom of the window . Popped all the fasteners but spent today trying to get the clips to release don’t want to crack it, nothing online except mentioning the clips

Have you tried searching the web for Citroen forums ? They are not sold here in the United States.
Edit: A body shop might remove the fasteners for a small fee.

…nor have they been sold here for over 4 decades.
The possibility of finding someone in this US-based forum who is knowledgeable about contemporary Citroen models is somewhere between slim and none.

Sometimes if you search for replacement clips you will get a pic of them and figure how they work. I have pulled a lot of trims out and usually it just needs gentle pulling. Sometimes it sounds it makes is scarier than it actually is.

On door panels anyway, sometimes its easier just to cut the christmas tree fasteners and replace them when you get the panel off. I use a wire cutter. But you have to try to figure out what kind of clip it is first. Pop out, slide off, etc.

try here:

and if you happen to break a clip, you can get replacements on E-bay

Thanks all for your help . Clicked on the wrong site when I signed up didn’t realise it was USA but much appreciate your help