Took my girlfriends car to walmart and this is how much they filled it with engine oil

I expect that’s part of the reason why she threw the paper version away. Over the years I’ve discovered everyone has a different way of thinking about stuff. Best in romantic relationships to not ask why … lol … Reminds me, just the other day I read about a guy who got arrested while training for the London Marathon with a refrigerator strapped to his back … the police thought he stole it… but he was just using it for the weight, a training effect … lol… .

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So read the downloaded file for goodness sake before asking random people on the internet for advice. The Snowman might post an answer!

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:upside_down_face: :upside_down_face:Hope not :upside_down_face: :upside_down_face:

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I clicked on the picture and magnified it

The engine oil level is perfect

It’s at the top of the upper meshed area

You’ve got no grounds to complain, imo


I am confused, you come on a forum for help and ask a question, right away you have 2 (that’s two) long time professional mechanics/technicians, Navada_545 and then asemaster, give you an answer, one with a picture from the owners manual telling/giving you the correct answer and then you come right back and tell them they are both wrong…

If you are NOT going to accept the answer then why did you even bother asking and waist everyone’s time???

And yes from yet another 35+ year mechanic, looks full to me, but then what does an experienced mechanic know anyway?..




:rofl: Well said


isnt full bad? shouldnt it be below the mesh line? that walmart guy didnt want to redo the work?

It is EXACTLY where it should be. No problem.


This thread and the one above about Honda/Acura Oil Level are perfect examples of why we should get rid of dipsticks and use electronic oil level sensors. At the push of a button, they measure the oil level and tell the driver how much, if any, to add.

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I’m not with that at all. In principle its fine. But then it’s just one more sensor…that may or may not read accurately…

Uh, no no and NO. You’re being delusional. First of all don’t look to Walmart for auto “service.” Second, well if you do insist on doing that, don’t blame them i they get it right.

At this point, you’re just some kind of a troll looking for a reaction? Your GF took the car to Walmart for an oil change. They go the oil level right, and your problem is…???


When you get a chance, can you post a picture of the wooden dowel you use to “stick” your fuel tank? Or do you rely on a sensor that may fail… :laughing:

Ya, I get that some people don’t like electronics. But wouldn’t a simple sensor offer more reliable oil level information than what we’re seeing on this forum right now?

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NO, full is good, that is the reason to check oil level after an oil change, to insure crankcase is full. You did not bother to read that section of the owners manual, then argued the matter. Educate yourself first.

Work ethic? They did the work, right? Took an hour, that happens, would you feel better if it took 10 minutes? I would not.

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Our Mercedes Sprinter has both - a sensor that displays the oil level on the cluster and a dipstick tube that is capped from the factory. You buy the dipstick separately.

i used to drive a mercedes sprinter for work i miss those vans. at first they were somewhat intimidating to park due to size but i got used to them and i was docking them reversing at loading docks. still took some getting used to for that but they seem to be great vehicles. wish i had one personally.

People won’t bother opening a hood to check and I suspect even pushing a button to periodically check is beyond most people’s level of diligence. Besides, they already have an oil add warning- it’s that red light that comes on when the level falls far enough to affect the pressure :rofl:

Personally, I would value an electronic means of measuring the oil level. I had a Pontiac Grand Am once that had a level sensor IIRC. That was a neat feature IMO.

The original post is another example of no good deed goes unpunished. That service tech should get a big thank you for exactly filling that engine with the maximum recommended amount of oil without going over. You don’t see that kind of attention to detail much anymore. Instead, he got railed on.

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i see a lot of people saying this that its at full line. the thing is that manuals from experience say it should be at the middle line and from my oil changes at shops they typically got right on middle line till i came to this state. i lived in multiple other states before living here. and it strikes me as odd that used to be that middle of the indicator meant proper level in past but now in this state they fill to the point where the oil is touching barely beyond that grey area and now the black stick. yes there was oil even in that black stick.

the oil is up to that part where i put an arrow at. thats not full its beyond full.

I’m going to try to answer your questions in a none automotive way to see if you understand it better…

  1. I’m not sure how to even answer that so you will understand… So I will ask you a question, If your NET (not gross) paycheck for 40 hours is X amount (FULL paycheck) and you work hard those 40 hours, but your employer doesn’t top it off, meaning it is not the FULL (correct) amount and they only pay you a less than full amount of Y, is that a bad thing??? You would be very upset, same thing, you paid for a shop to do your oil change and you want them to give you the full amount (of oil) that your car calls for…
    Or if your house catches fire and you call the FD, do you only want them to put out 95% of the fire or 100% of the fire??

  2. The mesh line (crosshatch area) is the safe zone to not need to add oil, the top of the mesh line is the 100% full mark, so you want it 100% full, isn’t that what you paid them for, or did you use a coupon that said save money and only get 90% of the work done??..
    Now sometimes it is hard to get it to the exact 100% full mark when you have an odd amount of oil, so that is for the safe zone area…

  3. If you go to work and do your job correctly and at the end of the day our boss says, I don’t think you did it correctly this time, you need to put in another full days work tonight after hours for free and redo the work you did today, how would you act??? Same thing for the shop, they did the work they were paid to do and now you want them to redo the work again for free… Some shops you would have been told in a NOT so nice way to leave and never come back…


Well, if it is up to that point, it would be overfilled.
If I download and zoom in, it appears that the oil level is right at the top of the upper meshed area.
Admittedly, it is harder to see in a picture than in real life.

One thing to be careful of- there will be oil on the inside of the dipstick tube and get on the sides of the stick as it goes in/out. With newer, thinner oils, it has a tendency then to run down to the first area to hold it in place. That would be the point you have highlighted. I don’t see the same coating on the body of that bulged area or in the dimple as I see on the lower sections of the dipstick.

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I disagree. I can zoom in on the picture and see that the larger, rounded part of the dipstick–between your arrow and the full mark–is not fully covered in oil so the oil level must be below that mark. The “scale” or measuring portion of the dipstick shows the oil at the full mark but not above. Walmart suggested you get the opinion of an independent mechanic, you now have one.

Every oil change that I have been responsible for, from tech to owner to manager, has gone out the door with the oil level cleanly at the full mark, not below. It’s that simple.

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