Overfilled oil in car

Hi Ive accidently topped my engine oil up with too much i believe the dipstick is showing half an inch of oil over maximum marker. is this gunna b a big problem as havnt yet drove it. is it still possible to drive. im not a mechanic so will not no how to drain oil out, what are my best options from now? many thanks

A half inch should not be a problem. It might be better to drain some out, but frankly I doubt if I would do it for my own car.

Ummm…how about draining a little oil out???

I would drain it down to the maximum mark. If you are quick you should be able to drain out a little, or you can have a shop pump out a little with a “topsider.”

BTW, I assume you have started the engine to fill up the oil filter,

Only a half-inch on the dipstick? Leave it be. No problem.