Oil level

Every time I get an oil change the dipstick is showing about 1/2" over the fill line. I change oil every 3,000 miles. I just paid to have an engine valve replaced because of an oil leak. Is the small amount of oil causing a problem? This is the first problem like this in over 200,000 miles.

Unless the oil is getting foamy or something I doubt that it has caused any problem. But why not just stop overfilling the oil? That makes no sense.

What Model Year Camry And Which Engine ? Was It A PCV Valve, Intake Valve, Exhaust Valve, . . . ?

Are you the original owner ? It’s always done this from day one ?

I’d hate to think that a 1/2 quart worth of sludge that won’t drain is displacing a quart of oil.


Some shops routinely overfill because they know the owners are unlikely to check the oil, and this means the engine will go longer before the oil is too low.

If you check your oil on a regular basis you can request that they stop overfilling the oil.

The slight overfill will not cause any problems. It would take several quarts of overfill to cause a problem.

If this is the first problem you’ve had in over 200K miles, keep doing what you’re doing.

I agree with the others. Unless it’s foaming, it’s harmless, and shops will often go a bit over the fill line, although 1/2" is more than usual.

The lubrication system works by pumping the oil up from the pool in the oil pan and pushing it through the various oil channels ss long as the top of the oil pool does not drop below the pump’s pickup tube. The only time overfilling becomes a problem is if theres so much oil that the pool goes up onto the crankshaft and the crankshaft whips the oil into a frappe. That becomes a problem with lubrication, and should ahow up as an oil pressure warning light and foam on the dipstick.

Asa long as you’ve not had a light and you’re not seeing foam on the sip stick, you’re fine.

However, of this is a concern to you, the next tim eyou get your oil changed check the level before leaving the shop. If it appears too high, tell them you’re concerned and ask them to adjust the oil level.