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2017 Toyota Camry - Overfilled oil

husband checked oil after service and found overfill of half inch.mechanic says NO…it’s fine…is this serious? manual indicates otherwise…thanks

Give him a 'Gold Star ’ for checking the oil after a service. The slight overfill is not a problem . Since he checked it is it safe to assume that he also has a schedule to check the oil level and Janice if you don’t know how you should.

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thanks so much for relieving his mind…he’s always been extremely caring for all our machinery, even now in senior years so he won’t change now…this is our only car and we do follow maintenance insructions to the letter! I, too, will take your advice on checking oil…since I help with changing oil on tractor and mower and learn to lubricate where needed I guess I can learn how to use a dipstick!!! your quick response is appreciated…Janice & Lou

1/2 inch higher than the “full” mark on the dipstick inch is sort of on the border of being ok or not. If my car was 1/2 over I’d drain some oil out. Not that big of deal to drain a little oil out. One point in your shop’s favor: Immediately after an oil change it might read a little high b/c the oil hasn’t had a chance to fill all the passages, oil filter, etc, so a higher % of the oil is in the crankcase that will be after the car is driven for 15 minutes or so. So check it again, after driving a few miles. Good for your hubby to check the dipstick after every oil change.

Thanks so much for the input!! Janice