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Too much oil and too much coolant?

I posted this query under another person’s topic, but decided to make my own. I value the opinion of the veteran posters on here who always give great advice.
Here is the amended version.
Took my “newer” (to me) 2014 Camry to a new independent mechanic last week (to try out one close to home) for the 50K service. First one I’ve done since owning the car at ~45K.
Everything checked fine, but they did the required oil change.
Now, I want this car to last as long as my old faithful '90 Integra HAD, and I’ve read where many of you recommend checking oil levels yourself even after it’s done by someone else, to make sure oil was added!
Level when I got home was just above the top fill line; car had been driven for just a few miles. Was not sure if this was bad, as at least there was oil in it.
Saw a topic-post on Did I add too much oil?, read the responses and have not noticed any issues yet.
Today, I decided to check it again and it still just as high. The engine had been driven for a while this morning.
Now, what prompted my post is I also noticed a bit of pink coolant around the cap of the overflow reservoir (did not see this before and think I would have as I’m trying
to keep the engine compartment looking pristine) which made me look at the level in the reservoir and it is about a cm ABOVE the max fill line…is this okay? What if this shop topped off coolant and added too much? Does this matter? I opened the Radiator pressure cap when it was cool enough and it is full.
Sorry my posts are always long :blush:

I think you are just fine. Being a little over on the oil fill line, 1/8 to a 1/4 inch wouldn’t cause any problems. He probably just poured in the rest of the quart.

Cars do sometime release a little coolant if they were overfilled a bit of maybe the cap isn’t quite tight. Test the cap (righty-tighty) when it is COLD just to make sure its tight and look at the level markings on the side. Overfilling the coolant will solve itself by purging the excess, no worries.

If you check these things when you fill up the car with gas, you will be well and truly on top of things before they can cause much harm.

I check oil level every weekend before starting vehicle. I don’t do it when getting fuel because the place I use is busy. I would be annoyed myself if I had to sit there while someone checked their oil. When traveling I always check it before leaving motel in the morning.

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This much over filled of oil or coolant is not problem at all. Even underfilled to such a small degree would not be a concern.

When cold the oil would normally be a little higher than if checked as the engine is hot. At this point some of that oil is still draining down the inside of the engine and dripping off of the internal parts back into the oil pan, so it would read a little lower on the dip stick.

As long as it is close (within a 1/4 inch of the fill line)…it is acceptable.



Thank you everyone…all I needed to know!

All good advice. I pop my hoods every Sunday morning. As you probably know, check oil, power steering, brake, and radiator when engine is cold, transmission with engine running for min. of five minutes. Get familiar with the color of the fluids-your oil will be a very light beige right after an oil change, but will darken to brown when it is approaching the next change. Tran. cherry red, and so on. Being aware of the level and color will give you an early warning if something is amiss. Buy a decent tire gauge (round, not pencil-$10 is better than $5), and check them each week as well. Get a piece of cardboard and once a month look at the underside of the vehicle for anything odd. And good for you taking care of your car!

A centimeter is .39 inches and this was after the car was driven. If checked co;d in the am it is probably over 1/2 inch.

Probably won’t hurt anything but if it was my car I would take out the filter and pour the oil out and re-install the filter.

The coolant being over filled won’t hurt anything, just take some water and flush the spilled coolant away, it won’t evaporate/