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Toilet Paper and Car Driving... Have you driven extra distance for some, lately?

Americans Are Crossing into Mexico To Buy Toilet Paper
(By Chantal Da Silva, Newsweek 03/18/20)

Now, here’s something we can all agree on… Toilet Paper!
I’ve talked to local people and many have told me of brave adventures to find toilet paper.

Have you driven extra distance for that item alone?

Have you any stories of people you know traveling for TP?

How far would you be willing to drive if you were running low?

How about you “locked down” folks? How do you buy TP when in lock down mode?
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Every fall my wife stocks up on all our supplies. She doesn’t like to drive in winter. We have plenty. But if there’s T.P. while we’re at the store I’ll grab one package unless it’s too expensive. Our butts are in good hands.

If I hear a particular store has TP, I’ll drive a few miles - maybe 10 or 15, to get some.

Around my home, it is more about time than distance. Store shelves are stocked overnight from deliveries that come in the night and they are sold out in the first open hour. Other things area bit hit-and-miss from store to store. We buy and trade with family and neighbors. My early riser BIL buys TP when the store opens, we get him steak from our local at 2 in the afternoon when the stores are empty and trade steak for TP.

We aren’t on “lockdown” yet but if you are out to get TP, buy some food at the same time. Helps with the return-to-home cop-stop. “See officer, I got Pringles! That’s food, right?”

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Our stores here are run by idiots.

You are limited to a quantity of 2.

What that means is…If they have the 24 pack bundle - you can buy two for a total of 48 rolls.
If they only have individual rolls - you can buy 2 for a total of 2 rolls.


Our basement has a large food room and we always have lots of inventory as a result of doing most of our shopping at Costco, where we shop twice a month. Costco sells Toilet paper and Kleenex in bulk; large packs that are shrink wrapped.

Our house used to be owned by a Mormon family who are required to store about a year’s worth of food. We can’t begin to fill all that space.

not so much for myself, but my folks and both my grandmas were running low last week. I got up early and went to Target and stood in line for some for them. My wife and I each got a 12 pack for the 4 of them to share, lol. It wasn’t really out of our way, but that’s not something we usually buy at Target, either.
now my six pack is still safe at home for me :rofl: :rofl:

Bought some tp made from sugar cane and bamboo, price was ok, but that was all that was left. Senior shopping at Costco tomorrow, will pick more up if available.

At my age we are not going into the stores at all and it is impossible to get online or dor grocery pickup but a granddaughter got us 6 rolls while grocery shopping at Save a Lot.

Tried the online shopping think for pickup at a local store, 10 day backup.

I haven’t had a problem. I have four bath rooms and 3 rolls in each plus half a package yet to re-stock. But no one has any so it could become a problem at some point. My SIL ordered some on line way back and got some for about $3 a roll but now not available. Not sure what the issue is. Seems like it should have been restocked by now.

Unless thing’s changed a lot since I was still working too much time on truck’s Many time’s I have picked up 6X6 ft roll’s of TP from a papermill’s in Green Bay Wis’ area and takin it another mill in New Hamshire reloaded at the New Hamshire mill where they cut it down and rewraped it to bathroom size TP roll’s and takin it back Illinois,Mich.,Wis. Iowa,and the time I would have thought they would have a mill to do the same thing somewhere in the midwest instead of covering all the mile’s me and other driver’s were doing,

Northern Michigan’s Great Lakes Tissue warehouse had a TP sale that brought t drivers from far and wide. Check out the lady in the Mercedes who drove about 50 miles…

Even if customers couldn’t be #1 in line, there’s no limit to what they’ll do if they need to go #2!
Video gone viral (Can I still say that?)

The building with the steam emanating is Great Lakes Tissue.

When I recall studying the old Soviet Union in school (High School or College… it’s all kind of running together in my head, now) and they were on the “Five Year Plan,” they’d run out of things, nationally, like bibles and even toilet paper. I was shocked. Never could I have imagined it happening here!
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We have extra wash cloths, just in case. :pleading_face:


Heh heh. I have an idea. I think maybe there was a steam of TP out the back. When I was a bus boy as a kid, we had a pretty exclusive dining room and packed on Sunday for dinner. One very serious looking guy in his Sunday best had gotten up to use the facilities. When he went to pay the bill there was a long stream of TP hanging from his belt to his knee. Of course we were kids so we laughed ourselves silly and everyone had to make an extra run to the dining room to deliver plates and goblets just to see the sight. Gee been over 50 years and I can still see him. So that’s prolly why they followed the truck-just to tell the guy he was losing his load-no pun intended.

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If this keeps up though, I am considering putting the wife on a daily ration. She’d have to check out so many sheets every morning-haven’t decided how many yet. Depends on how long? July? I always have a plan B and a plan C though. Just part of my nature. My plan B is like on the cruise ships where we would switch to paper towels and store the used ones in Walmart bags (the leaky ones no doubt) until trash day. They don’t let you put TP in the stools on ships. Don’t want it polluting the water. I suspect they throw all the bags overboard though at night when no one is watching though. I don’t know for sure. It’s just one of those crazy conspiracy theories. You don’t want to know about plan C before dinner, but I’m running out of hand sanitizer.


Post must be at least 10 letters long, don’t ya know, eh!

Toilet paper is a nice comfort item but not really essential.

Local stores here (in Czechia) are well supplied, there is more toilet paper then I can ever use. Although there was a shortage for few days at the beginning of the quarantine.

Me and my family typically buy large packaging of TP so we don’t have to buy it all the time. I still have supply from last month.

I wouldn’t drive much if I was running low. Should the stores be out of TP, people are usually dumb and miss obvious things. Stuff like paper towels, paper tissues, wet wipes etc. Just last week I snatched good ol’ ethanol disguised as fuel for stoves/liquid firestarter. It’s not a great firestarter but when you stick a spray top from a kitchen cleaner on top of it, it’s a great decontamination tool. Good to have when normal disinfection is not available. Also, I’m equipped with running water, so bottom hygiene is really the last problem I have.

In Czechia shopping is no big deal. We have a quarantine, but we’re no Americans so we don’t do shenanigans like military in the streets and other such stuff. We had the commies so you can expect us to be ticked off if the state decides to use the military. All you need here is decent face mask and good hygiene. Also, we went in to quarantine relatively early seeing the stuff that goes down in Italy so here it ain’t as much of an explosion of a pandemic as in the US. Things so far are pretty relaxed around here but people do take the quarantine seriously.


@Paegaskiller This is a family web site so you might want to consider another adjective besides sxxx .


I buy TP like I buy pretty much everything else, on Amazon.

Who needs TP? Now I’m glad that I raked all those leaves into the woods instead of bagging them and putting them on the curb. Do you think I’ll get in trouble with the law if I package and sell leaves to my neighbors?

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