To all that served

Thank you to all the men and women in the armed forces of the UNITED STATES of AMERICA.

Your sacrifice will never be forgotten.


@weekend-warrior Thank you for this post. I have family who served in WW II through the Vietnam war.

I also have family who served in WW II Korea Nam through dessert storm.Thank you Weekend Warrior.

Another big Thank You to one and all. Dad and both my parents-in-law were veterans. But FYI, Memorial Day is a day to honor those who died while serving. Veterans Day honors all who served. Memorial Day vs Veterans Day: The difference between the two holidays - CNN


My late uncle spent 4 years in the underground and a lot of his activities centered around rescuing downed air crew and smuggling them to the coast where they were picked up by the British.

He never talked much about his activities but helped the allied cause considerably and saved many airmen.


My grandfather served as a Seebee during WWII as an engineer, A few uncle’s on the other side of the family served in the military as well.

I just finished the DVD lecture series “Unsung Heroes of WW II” by Lynne Olson. One of the 12 lectures was on the French underground and their efforts to escort pilots through France and into Spain where they were flown back to England. Hundreds were caught in the process. Planes could be replaced but pilots were a scarce commodity so very important to the war effort. Another lecture was on the Dutch underground. Very very interesting and stories never told before. Part of the Great Courses offerings.

Thank you! My uncle was in the Dutch Underground. He operated out of the swampy area bordering the Rhine River. Lived in a camo houseboat in the swamp.