Memorial Day

Hoping everyone on here had a great day and stopped to give thanks for our fallen hero’s.

Ditto, EK!

Memorial day means a lot to us. My wife had 6 uncles who fought in WW II plus her father. Her father was severely injured, but did come back alive. I had many friends my own age who served in Viet Nam. The highlight of Memorial day for me is playing with my band for a memorial tribute for our servicemen.

When I go around and put the cemetery flags out at each vet grave, I always think about what that person went through and am thankful.

We should honor all who have died for our freedom and for the freedom of others in all wars.
For those who live near a Veteran’s cemetery, I suggest a visit. They’re places peace and beauty. My mom and dad are in the NH veteran’s cemetery. I go there often just to visit them and a friend and reflect. It’s one of my favorite places.

and thanks to all the living veterans too. and the families of all vets

I thought about making the same wish, @wesw, but decided not to. The holiday is to honor deceased veterans that died in service to their country. I prefer any time but now to do so. Especially Veterans Day.

We also use the day to memorialize our family members as well ( my mom, wife’s mom, dad, grandma, and grandpa ). My new set of kids has gotten used to the idea that it’s not just some free day off…we’re all going to the cemetary…no video games…no hurry…it’s what this day is for.

My new set of kids has gotten used to the idea that it's not just some free day off...we're all going to the video's what this day is for.

Too many people seem to use the Memorial Day holiday as another excuse to party and go on a 3 day drunk, I usually go to the cemetery and put some flags on veterans graves, and think about what the day means.

There are several Memorial Day services in the area and the one I went to this year had mostly older people there, I hope someone teaches our younger folks what it means.

Memorial Day is a day of remembering the men and women who died while serving, while Veterans Day celebrates the service of all U.S. military veterans.

To me Memorial day is a special day to remember those who paid the ultimate price, but honoring living veterans as well on Memorial day is an honorable thing in and of itself. There is no wrong day to honor our veterans and our active military men and women.

The holiday was actually enacted after the Civil war, but I try also to remember to think about those who died in all military actions including the revolutionary war. The soldiers and sailors who died in that war gave us our first freedom. Countless military men and women since have died in numerous wars to free not only our own citizens, but also countless millions of others around the world. We didn’t always succeed, but some soldiers and sailors always paid the ultimate price.

IMHO we should honor all those who served our country and who died for freedom in all wars everywhere on Memorial day.

I am late to seeing this, but I must respectfully close it. Your efforts to commemorate the fallen are an example for everyone.