I need to get a couple tires for my Nissan Versa. I typically go for the lowest price, typically Wal-Mart, for tires. My assistant’s husband has heard that Wal-Mart only sells “seconds” on tires. Three questions: 1) is that true, 2) does it matter if it is, and 3) if it is true and it matters, where would you go to get tires?

Absolutely untrue, good place to get tires.

What walmart sells is tires ‘‘built to bid’’ in most cases.
example ; their Goodyears.
Walmart tells Goodyear that they will buy X number of tires per year. That they want a tire they can sell for X dollars in X size.
Goodyear then builds the tires to meet those specs and gives them a whole different name.
That is why the Goodyear tires at walmart can not be found at the Goodyear stores.
( what is Goodyear doing differently in production to sell those tires at different prices that their own ? hmmm ? )

Many times this may be good enough for your needs.

Well, I find the same named models at and (Assurance ComfortTred, TripleTred, and Fuel Max).

When you shop for the absolute lowest price, you usually get the lowest possible quality too…Don’t be fooled by a brand name recognized for quality. Trademarks are just another product to be bought and sold. Costco has quality tires at reasonable prices…So do many independent tire stores…

  1. Not true.

I’m not aware of anyone who sells “seconds.”

I buy my tires from locally-owned independent tire shops, but I don’t buy tires on price alone.

I believe in buying high-quality tires. There’s too much at stake to cheap out on tires.

As others point out, Walmart sells good tires (NOT SECONDS), although it is not a place to buy Specialty or Exotic tires, since Walamrt does not carry those.

For a Versa, any tire that fits your Versa will be OK.

If you want the best deal for the money, Costco carries good tires at very good prices. They have a lifetime free rotation and balance as well.

…and Costco includes a lifetime Road Hazard Warranty on their tires.

If you get a puncture, they fix it for free. If the puncture or cut is not repairable, they give you a new tire–FREE. (None of that “pro-rated” nonsense that frequently means that you are paying almost the same price as any customer would!)

If you inquire about the price for a Road Hazard Warranty at a tire store, then you will really see how good Costco’s price is!

That’s true. Take the Goodyear Wrangler AT/D tire for example,it’s only sold at Wal-Mart and Sam’s Club. I noticed that when I was looking for tires for my Bronco a few years back. To me that was a red flag that the tires were built to cost. I ended up buying a set of Wrangler MT/Rs off Tire Rack instead. It doesn’t pay to be cheap when it comes to tires and brakes IMO.

Another reason for different names is to protect the Goodyear shops, prevent even-up comparison. That’s often done, not necessarily the sign of cheap goods.

And it stops the cross-warranty .
You can’t ask a Goodyear store to warranty a Viva…back to walmart you go.

There are no “seconds” in the mainstream retail tire market. Also check for clearance sales. You may want to go with four tires rather than two and rotate them on a regular basis. Remember – the best tires always go on the rear axle no matter what drive you have (RWD, FWD, AWD or 4WD).


Go right to Wal-Mart and get Douglas tires. They sell so many tires that it would be impossible to get “seconds”. Where else can you find Douglas tires for sale? It’s better than buying knockoffs that can be found at Sam’s Club. I bought a set of Goodyear Wrangler “similars” (AT/D2) and will pay for the “identicals” next time. This information is incomplete but do the best you can with it and with the other replies.

Bummer… no Costco in my area. :frowning: That sounds like a really good deal. I know that Wal-Mart has the pro-rated road-hazard warranty pricing on the tires they sell…

"I’m not aware of anyone who sells “seconds.”

I don't know if they still do today, but some years ago they certainly sold blems.  They were sold at a discount.  They were mechanically equal to the first line tyres, but they may have a bad whitewall or a scuff etc.  No safety or life issues, just looks.

Of the following, would you prefer brand over price or price over brand?
Kumho,General, BF Goodrich, Continental or Michelin? If you have a preference, which would you go for and why? Consider I’m living in NW Georgia, USA and will not be driving in deep snow…most likely a little dusting or a little black ice in winter. Mostly rain-soaked pavement or dry pavement. :slight_smile:

The OEM tires were Continental Conti Pro Contact.

I like to use (staff testing and consumer reviews) and Consumer Reports reviews to help narrow my choices. I am not beholden to a particular brand, so I start to narrow down choices this way. Consumer Reports has some pretty good info on rain, ice and snow performance for their all season tires.

Do as Jayhawk recommends, one of the latest CR has a good tire review. It’s more complicated than brand, because each company makes many models, some great, some just good, so blanket statements on brands are, for the most part, not going to help much.

“In buying Uniroyal Goodrich, Michelin is adding to its expanding sales and marketing muscle in the United States”…NYT, Oct 1989…

Shelf Space…Do you want whitewalls or black?

Twotone, why the best tires on the rear axle? Is it a “control” issue?