I own a 2005 Honda Accord LX with 60,000 miles. I want to get new tires for the car, and am interested in the Michelin Primacy MXV4 (H speed rating). I am considering buying them from Wal-Mart, Sears, or my local Honda dealer. The Honda dealer says they have original equipment tires. Would these tires be the same quality if I purchased them at Wal-Mart or Sears? Some people are saying the Wal-Mart tires would be lower quality even if they are the same model because tires made for Wal-Mart are made cheaper or would have some minor defects. Are there any opinions of where I should purchase these tires at?

They’re the same where ever you get them.

They are all the same if model is same. There are retailer specific model tires made for Sam’s, Walmart, BJ’s etc that are not sold anywhere else too. These are usually budget tires with a brand name of Goodyear or Michelin. However they carry a specific model name.

If the models are the same they are the same tire.

My preference would be to find a locally owned, trustworthy shop that deals in tires. You might pay a little bit more in the short run - but the money you spend keeps flowing around your local community rather than being shipped off to corporate headquarters. As such, paying a little bit more in the short term pays off in the longer term. [Down from soapbox]

If the tire says “Michelin Primacy MXV4” on the sidewall it is the same no matter where you buy it.

I prefer to buy tires from independent tire dealers rather than chain retailers. I find I get better quality work and more personalized service at the independent shops.

It’s A Honda. The Biggest Chunk Of Change Already Went To Corporate In Japan.
The tire money is nothing and besides Corporate in this case is in Arkansas, U.S.A., so a little money from those Chinese tires, sticks. [Up on soapbox]

It wasn’t a note about one specific purchase and the small amount of money in it. It was more about the general principle. WalMart is not good for the world.

I too prefer to purchase tires from local independent tire shops.

My favorite is Nashua Wholesale Tire in Nashua, NH. I first began going there years ago primarily for their very low prices, but have since also learned to appreciate their great service.

The only people saying that the tires sold at Wallmart are different (i.e. Lower Quality) then tires sold elsewhere are tire places that sell them at a much higher price (i.e. The Dealer).

Your best bet is to find a good independent shop. The national tire stores prices are NOT cheaper. The one thing I hate about them is the quality of work. Most hire high-school kids or drop-outs…who for them…it’s just a job…The independent place I go to…the owner(s) are many times out there on the floor doing the work or at least checking the work. They depend on your business to compete with the large chains who spend MILLIONS on advertising every year.

They’ll be the same tires wherever you go.

I’d recommend not going to the dealer for tires, because they tend to push OEM tires and charge significantly more than a dedicated tire shop.

Tires are a commodity. Pick the model & size you want and call around for the best price.

I agree that the tires are all the same if they are the same model.

You might consider looking at a local tire dealer, too. They have the same prices as Sears or Wally World and I have had better success with them in my neighborhood. Well, one story, anyway. It happens that Tire Rack’s owner’s survey puts your choice at the top of the list for grand touring, all season radials.