From where to buy tires?

I have 2005 Camry. Now even family cars put performance tires on them. These tires worn out after 30000 miles.

My current tires have high speed ratings (I think they have V). Is there any danger buying lower rating tires (touring)?

“Touring” is not a speed rating, it’s a tire type. I’ve gone to H from V. Go to for lots of info. I’ve bought tires there and from local discount tire shops.

Thanks for correction. My previous camry has 92H ratings and current one has 94 V. V is 149 mile/hr which is way too much for a family sedan. That’s why I was asking is there any danger for going down from V to H? Obviously I will safe some $$.

Any opinion about buying or installing tires at big box stores like Walmart or Sam’s Club?

Get quotes, they are free, then decide.

I’d have no problem with a major brand from Sam’s, Walmart, or Costco. And I meant the chain Discount Tire, not the generic type.

It’s the brand of tire that matters, not who sells them. My current set of tires came from Discount Tire, the previous ones from Sears. I have been well-satisfied with both places.

Get your free quote. Also find out about extras such as free rotation and flat repair.

Thanks guys:
Discount tires looks like a good deal. Is it too good to be true? Life time rotation and balance etc. Do they match price of Tire rack? It seems like shipping is real killer in terms of buying from Tire Rack but still one can be lower than local stores.

You should get ‘out the door’ quotes from a few shops, and compare it to total tirerack price (they ship to local shops so you just go there for the tires). If you have these other options (Discount Tire, Sam’s, Walmart) I’d be surprised if tirerack will be cheaper.

I’ve bought my last 6 sets of tires from Discount Tire.


A naive question. When you say out of door quote, should I physically go there and ask for quotes or over phones or email (in case of discount tire as there are asking from where I have seen cheaper same tires)?

Over the phone is fine, ‘out the door’ means total price with all costs, taxes, fees, etc.


I grab mine on Tires dot com…usually great prices AND FREE SHIPPING…the only caveat is that what you going to do when 4 new tires show up on your door step? You have to then mount and balance them…which after all said and done you will still have saved quite a bit… By doing the mount and balance myself…its a no brainer…You know?

I believe that Tires dot com…resolves to Discount tire direct dot com…or discount tire? Something like that…Regardless…just type in and you ready to rock n roll

There is a presumption that mail order is cheapest. However that is not always the case.

My only suggestion is call around locally. Its much less hassle if something goes wrong. Tire retailers are much more willing to help and not charge when things go wrong if you were faithful to them,

I found a small independent tire shop although 30 mins typically sells the tires at same price shipped as and discount tire direct. However the major difference they charge NOTHING for mount/balance/disposal.

Whoa… you got it made it the shade Raj… Wish I had a setup like that…tires wouldnt be so scary to people this way…would make the road a safer place.

Tires usually mean a 4-600 dollar outlay on the LOW END for most people…Hate to hear what other pay sometimes. Over a grand most likely with all these nice cars out there.

My damn VW rolls on 18’ wheels…not a big fan actually…I dont think you should go over a 17 in my area…not enough rubber between you and the road…AND THE 18’s R EXPENSIVE TIRES MAN…

In PA (northeastern area) we have pretty competitive tire shops; Jack Williams is one and Kost is the other. They compete on price and service so prices are OK. Quotes include everything; tax, mounting/balancing, etc. Costco and Walmart are here too, but too far from my home. For decent low cost tires Kumho is a good brand. The wear OK (not great) and are usually trouble free until they are worn out. Is your Camry a V6 XLE? You should have lots of good priced choices in tires for a Camry.

I too am a fan of using local independent tire shops. I use online sites like to help me decide which tires to purchase, and then get prices locally.

You should be able to find local tire shops that will meet or beat online prices.

Though I usually diss added warrantees, the extra cost of one from tire discount places who rotate and balance for free as been worth it for me. Only if, it’s someone you have easy acces to and you can trust to back their work with no hassle. Presently doing bussiness with local Tire warehouse. That could change with a bad experience…none year in the last 5 years.

As far as price is concerned, I differ. I don’t go for the absolute lowest local price. I only ask they be in the ball park as I want to support our local economy and those who work there, and I want the added connection for better local service and advice should I need it.

I buy tires from local shops who buy trucks or parts from me.
So I strongly suggest looking at shops where you may know someone or they know you, personally or business wise and keep the cycle of local trade in play.

Never bought tires or don’t know if you know anyone at the shops ?
Ask your neighbors or co-workers where they go for tire services. These kind of references are just as good when you know somebody who knows somebody and the tire shop sees that a good customer has refered someone they treat you right as well.

RE: derating tires
I’ve been told that tire places will allow derating the tire type by one category only. No lower. I got into this with my 98 Honda Accord. First 2 sets of standard tires (don’t remember rating, sorry) developed vibrations at 30-40k miles. Third and fourth sets were next lower rating and wore much better and without vibrations. It was during the purchase of 3rd or 4th set that I was told I couldn’t go any lower (cheaper).

I’ve used the chains…and the discount stores…But now I buy from a local tire shop. Their prices are competitive with chains and discount stores (Sam’s Club)…but their service is far better. The people who run the place actually know what they’re doing. Many times you’ll see the owner out there in the bays changing tires.