Tires for my Miata

I need tires for my 99 Maita and have found a couple online that I have never heard of and would like your opinion. They are as follows:

Sumitomo HTR

Nankang XR-611

Falken Ziex ZE-512

Any recommendations??

Alan Slopey

The Falken was highly rated by Consumer Reports. You should be able to find customer reviews at some of the tire sales sites online.

Also check Toyo tires. I bought a set a few years ago for my Acura and I’m very happy with them.

Falken’s are decent tire however have serious shortcoming, rapid tire wear to the tune of life of 20k-30k. It happened to me and appears to many others.

I would suggest the Bridgestone RE960 Pole Position, an incredible high performance tire with good wear but pricier than what you list.

Kumho tires are another good choice and are relatively inexpensive.