I need a new set of tire for my 1996 Toyota Camry V6. What is the best tires for this car.


from the looks of it, the Michelin Pilot Exalto A/S($99 each), Bridgestone Potenza RE960AS Pole Position($81 each), Goodyear Assurance TripleTred($98 each), are your best bets.


I absolutely love my RE960’s on my WRX however they are very high performance all-seasons capable in winter weather. Given they are very high performance the tread life is rated around 40k miles which for the performance is well worth it for me. However for others they may not want to compromise life for extreme performance esp on a non-performing car.

Consumer Reports recently rated the Falken Ziex 912 tops in for all-seasons. Very new tire though.


You are going to need to define best. Are you most concerned with mileage, life of the tyres, traction, high speed performance, wet weather or snow performance?

What will be best for grandpa in Florida, his hot rod son in Ohio or his other son, the doctor in Minnesota are all going to be different.


I agree wholeheartedly with Mr. Meehan.

Asking “what are the best tires?” without giving any parameters is sort of like asking someone else where you should go for vacation without specifying the climate that you like, whether you want a resort vacation or a camping trip or a culturally oriented vacation, or how much you want to spend on your vacation.

Asking for the best tire (or the best vacation destination) without giving other details could put you in a situation that is not to your liking or is not appropriate for you.

In order to get an answer that will be of value, you first have to specify things like:

*How you drive (sedately or in a “spirited” fashion)
*Whether your region is subject to ice and snow
*Whether you value excellent handling over a soft ride, or vice-versa
*Whether gas mileage is a prime consideration
*The range of prices that you expect to pay for the tires
*How long you expect to keep this particular car

Once you have supplied this type of information, you will get responses of real value, rather than the random suggestions that are coming at you right now.


I like power king and hero (cheap).


"I like power king and hero "

Is that the name of an action-oriented comic book, or are those brands of tires?


ADDENDUM: I did a little research, and I found out that these are indeed tire brands, and I also found out why Hero brand tires are cheap. Hero tires are made in China, and while this brand is not one of the Chinese tire brands recently recalled, in view of the safety record of Chinese products [several instances of contaminated pet food, lead in toys and children’s jewelry, medicines and toothpaste contaminated with ethylene glycol, soy sauce adulterated with liquified hair (YUM!) and of course, the three brands of Chinese tires that have already killed many people in the US], I would recommend that someone avoid tires made in China–and most other Chinese products, such as their inferior quality brake rotors.

The freeing-up of market forces in that country has produced such a mania to become rich that it appears that virtually anything (whether or not it is either safe or ethical) is being done in order to maximize profits on products produced in that country.

But in case anyone is a fan of the history of the Communist Chinese Army, the Hero tire company does brag about their home city’s connection to the Communist Chinese Army! See the information below, from Hero’s own website:

"Nan Chang, Jiang Xi - considered today the ?City of Heroes ?. In ancient Chinese history, many of the most renowned artists, writers, doctors, scientists, warriors, leaders and generals all left significant footprints in this city. In more recent history, Nan Chang is the birthplace of the People’s Liberation Army, the city ?where the army flag rises?. "

Chinese tires? I think not!


Joseph is 100% correct. What is the definition of BEST. I live in NH…The BEST tire for my wifes car has been Michelin Radial-X. If I lived in the south it might be a different tire. My wife is also NOT a very agressive driver…so high performance tires are NOT very high on the wish list.


I think that we may have seen the last of the OP. He may be in another forum right now asking things such as:

Which animal makes the best pet?

or perhaps

How many angels can dance on the head of a pin?