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Tires for an older car

I have a 2000 infiniti I30 with 125k miles that needs tires. I don’t want to break the bank for a car with high miles. any suggestions? it takes 215/55 16 tires I have been qouted $590 for bfg’s. that includes alignment. Seems way to much. Help before my wife runs me over!

Take a look at

In addition to the obvious solution of installing their mail-order tires yourself, Tire Rack does have “affiliated installers” in most areas. The tires are shipped to that installer, who puts them on your wheels and balances them.

Go to for a baseline on prices. Include about $15-20/tire for valves and mounting and balancing.

Others will disagree, our opinions vary on this, but if your wear pattern is smooth and even and your car is handling well avoid the alignment. A lot of tire shops now offer it “free” and use it to tell you you need all sorts of unnecessary work. If you do feel you want it aligned, go to an independent shop and pay the small fee. At least you’ll know it isn’t being used as a revenue generator.

Have you tried Costco or Sam’s? Check out their web sites. Tire Rack is also good. Do you have a Discount Tire near you?

p.s. - you had me going with that ‘older car’ title - I was thinking '50s!

Not on Hilton Head Island. The Sams is very small. Only a few stores to choose from. Looking at tirerack.

Estimate I have show alignment as part of cost. Was wondering if was a must do or not. Thanks

Cosco sales the BFG Touring T/A tire for your car for $99.99 each, plus $14.00 install per tire, plus tire disposal fee, plus tax, and Costco does not do alignment, which may be a additional $80.00 at a alignment shop.

$590.00 is not bad considering the car takes semi low profile speed rated tires.

NO Costco near Hilton Head. Hard to drop 590 on a car with 125k. maybe I’m just cheap. Thanks

That’s a reasonable out the door price for name-brand tires. The I spend about $750-$800 per set for tires on my Mustang, and about $850 a set for tires for my Bronco. and they typically last around 25k-30k miles for either vehicle. IMHO it’s bad policy to be stingy with your brakes and tires.

125,000 is that all ?

In my shop just today…
01 Excursion 227932
01 Explorer 181910
00 Ranger 548099
05 Taurus 132857
06 F150 150909
03 F150 180097
06 f150 126780

Put some nice tires on it , you’ll be glad you did.
It’s not old and it’s not high mileage.

Treat her to some nice new shoes and you’ll get that many more miles out of her. :slight_smile:

Yes, you are cheap; tires are a key safety item on a car, and I just spent $432 on new Michelin tires for my wife’s car with 125,000 miles on it.

If you want to spend less, throw away the 16" tires and rims, buy a set of 15" rims that would be more standard for that size car, and buy a set of $65 tires at Wal-Mart. The rims will cost you $5-10 each, and your wife will be driving a SAFE car!!!

The speedometer will be slightly off, but not enough to worry about.

As others will point out, spending about $500 on a car with a lot of life left in it is more economical than making payments on a new car.

We’re trying to point out the difference between being FRUGAL (wise) and CHEAP (not so wise)!!

We have people on the site reporting 400,000 plus miles on Dodge Darts and you think 125K on a fine car like the Infiniti is a lot? It is all how you take care of the car.

Check for prices, don’t buy from Sears just price. Kumho makes some good low price tires. Then there are store brand tires for good prices too. The quote doesn’t seem bad given an alignment included. My T’bird tires are like $150 each for cheapies and almost $200 each for Michelins.

You have an Infinity, so why balk at decent tires? 125K miles on this car is just geting started. Lot’s of life left in the car.

You must really be spoiled. That’s pretty low mileage. I just spent $400 for my Buick with 500,000 on it. That’s not a bad price for that size.

I checked etc. and all the others and what happens is by the time you pay shipping, installation, balancing, valve cores, disposal, tax and so on, they really aren’t any cheaper than just going local. I’d just check with your local Goodyear dealer and if you have to, ask for pricing on the tier 3 tires instead of tier 1.

Make a day trip to Charleston and visit Cosco while you are here. We are a little more than an hour away from you, and there is much to do in town. Be sure to catch a baseball game while here…our stadium is right on the river and the view is awesome.

Several of us on this forum regularly use a local independent tire dealer in Nashua N.H. whose prices consistently meet or beat’s. And service is top notch.

You may want to take a look at your local independent tire dealers.

Sears shows a Hankook, a Kumho, and a BFG just under $100 each. Perhaps you can beat the $590 quote, but if this includes sales tax, mounting, balancing, and alignment tell the wife it is the best deal around.

If you don’t care about tire brand, then get on the phone and shop all your local tire shops and focus solely on best out the door price. Skip the alignment if you feel the old tires wore evenly if that saves a few bucks.

You can order tires not in stock locally from either Sam’s or Walmart website. Free shipping to the store, so that may widen your selection and at least provide some leverage to other tire sellers in the area.

Several of us on this forum regularly use a local independent tire dealer in Nashua N.H. whose prices consistently meet or beat’s.

tirerack may be a great deal IF you live in a state that has a sales tax. And Tirewarehouse in Nashua IS a tirerack installer. But his prices are as good or better.

The independent I referred to is “Nashua Wholesale and Tire” on Temple St.