I hate buying tires!

Does anyone else share in my feelings? Just spent $688 for new tires on the Expedition!.. Crap. How much beer could that have bought!?

That is a lot of money. I bet the next time you do research on a potential vehicle you will look into the cost of tires before you buy. But hay, if you can afford $100 for a tank of gas, you must be doing allright!

It’s a chore…I shop around for a couple weeks looking to get a decent tire at a decent price. And I’m always amazed at the WIDE range of prices for the EXACT SAME TIRE. Last 4 times I’ve bought at the local guy whos prices are EXCELLENT…and he actually has people in the shop who know what they’re doing.

The tires on my new car are $209 a piece. Feel better now? Seriously,i checked around with others,and the car manufacturer ,and learned that the tires are tuned to the car for the best ride,handling,wear,blah,blah,blah.

You might take a look at www.tirerack.com next time?

Or, join Costco! They carry only high-quality tires and I have usually found that I can save at least $100. per set of 4 when I buy them at Costco. Plus, they give you a road hazard warranty for free–unlike everyone else.

As per previous post. I’m sort of lazy and buy the best brand Costco has that fits my car. The price is installed & balanced with free rotation & balance for the life of the tires. Costco’s prices are usually the best or equal to others. All this takes place while my wife is buying 2 weeks worth of groceries.

Everybody hates buying tires.

A buddy just had to replace a front tire on his new 'Vette. $490!
An Expedition has huge, high load rated tires. They’re expensive to replace. There just isn’t any way around that fact. Shopping around saves some, but that’s just the cost of driving a humungous vehicle.

I don’t mind as they are the few safety items that really count besides brakes and exhaust.

Shop around prices vary greatly.

I belong to COSTCO,and $209 is their price

Sam’s Club, Costco or BJ’s Wholesale Club can save you some money and some of them throw in extended warranty type stuff for free. Difficult? Yes, but reading the sidewall of your last set of tires is a good thing to do to make sure you get the same type of tire. P245 75 16 is for passenger rated LT is for light truck type which costs between $20 and $40 more and have more plies at the tread. Tire dealers charge a lot more than the clubs usually. I got out of Sam’s for about $429 for a Goodyear Tracker AT type tire. The P245 75 16 type for a GMC Sierra 4WD. It took me a few weeks to decide what to get, but that’s fun to me.

Sam’s Club, Costco or BJ’s Wholesale Club can save you some money and some of them throw in extended warranty type stuff for free.

Use to buy all my tires at BJ’s…but the BJ’s closest to me now has Monroe Muffler running their tire department. You buy the tires from BJ’s and Monroe installs them. Of course every time you go in for a FREE rotation you need new calipers or ball-joints. I stopped going there even though they’re far more convenient then the place I go to now.

Years ago, 5 tire sizes would fit 85% of the vehicles on the road. 2-ply, 4-ply, or 6-ply, whitewall or black. And we will throw in the valve stems and of course mounting and balancing is free…

Today, tire stores must stock HUNDREDS of different types and sizes because EVERYONE wants something different, something better…up-selling is the name of the game. All of this inventory is VERY expensive to stock and maintain and it eats up the “savings” realized by manufacturing the tires in China or Korea…The fact that most tires are now imported and the Dollars value is collapsing means tires could get much more expensive in the future.

Ten years from now, “Car World”, the center of our culture, will be a COMPLETELY different place from what it is now…