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New tires

i was told by my mechanic i need new tires for my '93 infiniti g20 (it has 135K miles). i wanted to know what should i buy and from where (someone told me BJs). i am in maryland. thank you.

Go to either the Tire Rack or Discount Tire website to find out which tires would work on your car, and to find out information about those tires.

Also take a look at all season tires in older Consumer Reports issues. Their tests seem to work out well. I purchased my last two sets of tires from Costco, because they were able to beat anyone else’s prices by a substantial margin. Make some choices and then all around for a total package price. One advantage of buying from a place like Walmart is the ability to tire repairs done on Sundays.

Costco carries higher quality tires than BJ’s does. I strongly recommend Costco because of their low prices, their lifetime road hazard warranty, their lifetime free balancing and lifetime free rotation. Everything about Costco is on a higher plane than at BJ’s, including the types of tires that they sell.

Everything about Costco is on a higher plane than at BJ’s, including the types of tires that they sell.

What types of tires does Costco sell that Bj’s doesn’t sell? Last time I bought tires from BJ’s they were able to sell me ANY tire I could think of. I don’t go to BJ’s anymore because the one closest to me…the tire/service center is now run by Monro Muffler…total sleaze outfit.

The BJ’s tire centers that I have seen in NJ are also run by Monro. In addition to being a sleazy outfit, the installation area is a filthy grease pit. Any company that is that negligent on clean-up of their work area is also likely to be negligent about how they balance your tires and everything else that they do, IMHO. The whole operation had the appearance of a run-down, low-end business.

Perhaps BJ’s can order any tire that you want, but all that I have seen displayed for sale was low-end Uniroyal tires and low-end tires of a few other makers. Costco sells mostly Michelin and B.F. Goodrich (made by Michelin), as well as some of the higher-end Bridgestones.

thanks guys, i’ll check the website, BJs and costco :slight_smile:

Our BJ’s has mostly Michelins and BF Goodrich on display.

The last tires I bought at BJ’s were Michelins Cross-Terrain’s. About 2 months after that Monro took over at the service area…That was the last time I bought tires from them. Every time I went there for a tire rotation…they ALWAYS came back with some service THEY THOUGHT I NEEDED. That was 6 years ago.

Ask your saleman which tire brands have the lowest rolling resistance. This will improve gas mileage. The salesman will likely not be fully informed on this topic as it has been ignored by most people when gas prices were lower. Chevrolet is coming out with their Cobalt XFE model rated at 36 mpg highway, up from 33. They did it with a revised computer program, regearing and low rolling resistance tires. Michelin has their Energy model tire that they say has lower rolling resistance.

It would be good if Consumer Reports gets going with testing for this feature.

Consumer Reports has been including information on rolling resistance in their tire test reports for a few years. The only report in which they do not include this info is their test of winter tires.