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Tires for 18x7 rims> chevy

I am looking into buying some stock 18x7 chrome chevy colorado rims for my 2007 colorado worktruck… I am wondering what size tire would give me an aggressive but also functional look.

I really need help with this because everytime i go to a tire store they try to get me to buy anything and everything…

Take a look at

You don’t have to buy from them, but they have lots of tires from which to choose. It may help you decide what you’re looking for.

The right way to do this is to look up your vehicle on one of those web sites that is devoted to selling tires and wheels. They will tell you what is the proper tire size FOR THE VEHICLE!!

They will also tell you which rims fit your vehicle.

Tire Rack, Discount Tire, 1010Tires, etc.

yeah but i know the rims will be fine because they are stock colorado rims… just a bigger size… i just have no clue what size tire would fit on the rims best… has optional sizes available for the truck as well, so check the 18" option and shop for tires that way, it’ll tell you the best size for those rims.