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I need tires!

Alright guys, I need some tires! The vehicle here is a 1987 Chevy R/V 10. I already have wheels picked out, and I can post pictures upon request. I am looking for tires that are somewhat cheap, and are NOT FOR OFF ROAD. I want something that will look good on this lowered truck. the wheels I chose are 16x8 procomps. Does anyone have tires in mind that would look good? Thanks

Rather than taking random recommendations that will not encompass everything that is available,
I suggest that you go to, where you can view the galaxy of tires that are available for your truck/wheels.


How hard is it for you to go to a site like Tire Rack and see if you like something ? Just because someone likes a tires look does not mean you will .

I did end up going to Tire Rack and several other sites and wasn’t able to find any tires that suited my needs. They were mostly all off road oriented tires, whereas I wanted something that would look good on a lowered truck. That’s why I was asking for advice, because I thought more experienced people had had this same sort of “issue” and found tires that worked.

You picked a fairly obsolete wheel size if you want road-tires rather than truck tires. A 255/50/16 will fit but is fairly short and may look small in your wheel openings. There are a few tires in that size.

Search, Discount Tire or really, any google search.