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On behalf of my 85 year old father: He has been calling around to find a source to purchase tire for his 1970 Chevy 4-wheel drive truck - he has chrome rims that he does not want to replace and he now cannot find the same type of tire to fit the rim. He is looking for a mountain/all terrian tire for snow/black ice driving (not just city streets) and needs this size to fit the rims he has had forever: 311050R - 16.5 (he can find 16.0 - but not 16.5 at the places he has researched. He does not have nor know how to use a computer) Please help.
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While I have not researched this size there is a brand of tire called Coker that specializes in older vehicles. You can also purchase a copy of Hemming Motor News and peruse the adds.

Has he called tirerack?

I don’t know if the 3110 size is made anymore but all he needs is a 16.5" winter tire withthe same rolling diameter and load capacity and let a good tire store tell him what size that is.

As texases suggested check with TireRack.COM.

They can arrange local delivery and mounting.

First, 16.5" tires are going the way of the Dodo bird. If you can pull it off, changing over to 16" wheels and tires would open up a whole range of options.

But I’m going to guess that Dad is having none of that!

Second, there were 10-16.5’s and 8.75-16.5’s, but there were no 31x10.50 - 16.5’s! I suspect your Dad is getting confused about tire sizing conventions - which is easy to do.

According to Tires Guides, a 1971 (Tire Guides doesn’t go back further than that!) Chevy pickup came with a variety of tires, but the only 16.5’s that were on 4X4’s were on K20’s and both 8.75-16.5 and 9.50-16.5 were optional sizes.

Doing a bit of research, there are a few - and the operative word here is FEW! - 8.75R16.5’s that might work. My guess is that these would have to be ordered, so your first step is to find a tire dealer who will order tires from ANY source - not just brands he carries.