Tires Size Question

I’m prety handy under the hood, but know next to nothing about tires. I have a set of 245/70 R16’s on my Jeep Grand Cherokee and am going to buy my next set of tires online. They don’t have enough of those particular tires in stock in my price range, but they do have 245/75’s? What is the difference between the two, and will they be ok on my truck?

The way you have worded this has made any response too complex to fit in this type of format. You need to read up on tire sizing here:

While you are at it, read up on other aspects of tires and related stuff.

But I looked at Tire Rack’s listing for 245/70R16 and they have 46 tires listed - and many of the low priced tires are in stock. So I question your statement that they don’t have stock in your price range!

.Capri beat me to it.

I didn’t say I was getting them from Tire Rack, but thanks for the answer. I’ll have to check them out. is also a good primer on tires.
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The basic difference will be that the diameter will be slightly larger, but I urge you to look at these sites. There are other sidewall codes such as load rating and speed rating that you should definitely be aware of and things like wear rating that, while not safety related, are good to know. When you buy online you won’t have the benefit of expertise, so you either need to look up the tires by vehicle or understand what the codes mean.

the taller tires will throw your speedometer off slightly