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How do you find which tire sizes fits on your rim?

So I kind of got the basics of wheel sizes figured out, but how do you know which tire fits on your rim? I’m looking at getting 18x8 ET35 front wheels and 18x9 ET35 rear wheels.

You just take your wheels to the tire shop or go to Tire Rack web site for a real answer.

Edit: You did not say but I assume this is your BMW so you need someone who deals in wheels to make sure you have clearance for steering and suspension travel. I don’t see this as something that can be handled from afar over the internet.

If you have stock rims of course, otherwise…

I checked on the forums and these wheels are good and anyways I’m also getting coilovers.

On Tire Rack you can’t even search by wheel size, it’s only based on your car stock wheels or tire size.

You can’t search by wheel size on Tire Rack.

Yes, you can. I just checked.

You will, however, have to go to the “Research and Advice” section to look up the rim width necessary for a specific tire “section width”. Or, in your case, what “section width” tire will fit safely on your 8" and 9" rim widths.

The “section width” is the first in the string of numeric/alpha designators on the tire sidewall. Example: 225/45X17 is a 225mm “section width”, 45% “aspect ratio”, and 17" rim size.

tirerack gives you a full selection of stock, ‘+1’, and ‘+2’ wheels/tires. Are yours not among them?

But my wheels are not stock.

I’ll just call them tomorrow…

Before ordering online or beating your brains out find a local wheel and tire shop and you will see what actally fits. You may find that you would have to have lower profile tires then you really want. Also that will make future problems easier to solve.

You state you’re “getting coilovers” which I take to mean not done yet. That needs to be done before wading into tire fitment issues.

I know. Tirerack has non-stock sizes. If what you have isn’t listed as a possible fitting set, I’d be worried about using them.

I see a future thread ( My tires are rubbing the fenders, why ? )

Yes but if you search by stock size my wheels won’t be there. And the fitment are good.

No I checked on the forums and the fitment is on point.

Why? With the wheels I’m getting there is a gap. With coilovers the gap will be lowered.

If you’re having this much difficulty understanding tire fitment, I fear you may not be doing the fitment of the wheels onto the hubs properly. The wheels NEED to fit correctly for safety reasons… and incorrect offset may result in serious mechanical component failures and/or rubbing of the tires on the fenders. You can up your tire size and install custom wheels, but it needs to be done correctly.

Allow me to suggest that you go to a tire store and have them help you get what you’re looking for. They’ll have the knowledge and information to be sure the installation is safe.

Or order from a site like tirerack based on your car’s year, make, and model. They do have upsizing information. Tirerack also offers a “tire & wheel combo” where they’ll send you the wheels with tires already installed and road-force balanced (a good thing).

Did you search by non stock sizes???

What is the exact year and model 330i? They list 18x8" for the 2017 M sport (all around). The M3 fits 19x8.4f/19x9.5r wheels.

I don’t understand what you mean.