Tire Theft

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Photo Shop ??


I ditto that!

Given how easy it is to edit out items, according to the commercials I’ve seen, I third that opinion.

looks legit to me. That’s the New Balance Chevy- a partnership with the shoe manufacturer and the car manufacturer…
:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


With a lot of tinkering it might be possible to find the center of mass and balance a truck on one stand. I think someone is just having fun, not a thief.

Pretty simple these days:


Another clue that it’s altered - I wouldn’t expect a pickup to balance right in the middle, I’d think the engine would make it front-heavy.


While it varies a bit–depending on 2WD or 4WD and 2 door vs 4 door–the weight distribution of Silverado pickups is approximately 60% front/40% rear.

Who knows but if true it is net profit. Sale of wheels minus cost of Jack. Around here they use concrete blocks at 80 cents each or nothing at all if you can get the Jack out again.

The pic illustrates how easy it would be to add a married guy to the pic of the chick for nefarious purposes. Can’t believe anything you read or see I guess.

Not on the internet anyways.

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Geez…Of course it’s photo-shopped. But it was funny.


The only way this could be any kind of plausible to me would be if 1) the engine has been removed and 2) if this took place within the immediate area of the UC Berkeley or Stanford campuses. The engineering students at those schools are known for doing a lot of next level pranks and can seem figuring out how to do something like this.

Believing anything I read or see is chancy at best, and believing anything I think is becoming increasingly tough too.

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because it is on the internet, I don’t believe either of you…


You can believe me but not him. Honest. :innocent: